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nForma™ is a comprehensive student assessment and reporting package for Primary and Secondary schools. It caters for teachers’ needs in data collection, analysis and reporting, keeping teachers informed regarding students and their performance.

We have applied what we have learnt over the years as teachers and IT professionals to provide you with essential and effective tools. The application is designed to make the capturing and analysing of student test data easy, leaving more time for the classroom.

We recognise that understanding our customers is key to our success. We strive towards improving customer satisfaction through continuous and incremental improvements to both the products and services we provide. We believe that with our customer focus philosophy, together with our comprehensive products, we allow our customers to refocus on doing what they do best – Teaching our children.

Hosting Facility

We do the hard work for you! Your databases are securely hosted in a state of the art facility. No need to worry about doing your own backups or applying Service Packs. Just concentrate on using the program.


  • Teachers can work from home or school.
  • Teachers can see their progression in an instant.
  • Teachers can see past scores and comments as they write reports.
  • Administrators can set up the reports effectively and easily, with changes available to teachers immediately.
  • Principals can see teachers’ progress and assessment data instantly.
  • Principals can edit teachers’ assessment data easily at any time.
  • Principals can see how the whole school is progressing through the assessment process in an instant.


Data Entry Screen for students (option:1)



  • Mark your daily attendance roll online or via the iPad App
  • Edit the roll using a daily or weekly view page
  • Numerous reports are available on students’ attendance
  • Track students who have not brought a note
  • Produce DEEWR reports or yearly attendance data
  • Flexibility to define your own reason and communication type

Mark the roll for a class (option:1)



  • Enter First Aid incidents
  • Track a student’s First Aid records
  • Visual alerts for students with special medical conditions
  • View contact details for students
  • Print reports for parents
  • Keep track of insurance claims
  • Analyse where incidents occur on school grounds

First Aid Report for Parents



  • Track information that teachers have entered for students over time
  • Link documents or supplementary reports
  • Summarise all information in a grid view for any class
  • Record student welfare information such as:
    • School Support Programs
    • Agencies Involved
    • General Notes

Enter any details and attach documents for any student



  • Enter and track assessment/testing data for all students
  • Create your own test cycles e.g. TEXT levels for each month
  • Record special programs, e.g. Reading Recovery
  • Traffic light indicators for students’ performance. Schools can adopt their own colour scheme
  • Generate reports with or without colour alerts for all students showing their assessment history
  • Copy teacher assignments from one test cycle to another cycle
  • Quickly view progress of all assessors

Track whole school or an individual teacher’s progress on assigned assessment tasks



The nReports sub-system is approved and compliant with requirements of:

  • The Department of Education and Training (DE&T)
  • The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

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