Release of nFormaWeb 2016 Assessment Reporting version (Compliant with the CECV Student Reporting Revised Guidelines)

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We have been very fortunate to have had some schools trial the new version for December 2015. Their support and feedback proved most valuable and I’m sure all schools will benefit from their suggestions in 2016.

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Professional Development

An information session for the new nFormaWeb program will occur in term 1.

Other PD sessions will occur early in term 2.

Schools attending this PD should have all items of assessment (e.g. checklist items, rubrics for all levels etc.) ready so that they can be set up in nFormaWeb.

Details of these will be emailed early in 2016.


How Can I Prepare My School for the PDs

The trial schools of the nFormaWeb 2016 version, have kindly offered to assist other schools if they have any questions about the process or preparation needed to create customised checklists, rubrics, etc.

CEPL will also assist schools if they have any questions or require directions.

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