nRoll- Parent/Guardian Notifications

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What methods can I use to notify parents of unexplained student absences?

Parent notifications can be bulk sent through nRoll by Email or SMS. There will also be the option to mark the parents as notified if you choose to contact them via phone call.

How much will it cost to use the parent notifications?

The new nRoll features will require a set up fee of $200.00 (once off fee), this excludes the cost of sending SMS messages – Refer to our SMS Pricing/Terms & Conditions).

When will the new nRoll features be available?

There will be a staged release to schools from the beginning of Term 2.

Schools using SAS will be in the first deployment, followed by eSIS Synergetic and Synergetic. Schools using Maze will need to email me if they would like to use this feature, as we are still working on a viable way to export the required Parent/Guardian contact information.

How will the parent notifications work?

  • Import Parent/Guardian contacts from your admin package using the manual (to be supplied).
  • Once absences have been recorded, click on the Notification page to view unexplained absences for the whole school.
  • Confirm the method of notifying Parents/Guardians
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Phone Call
  • An authorised user verifies the unexplained absences, then sends the SMS messages and/or email notifications. Alternatively, a list of Parent/Guardian Contacts can be accessed for notification by phone.
  • After the initial notifications to parents, if there are new unexplained absences that require attention, an alert will appear on your screen.
  • If you decide to use the SMS option, you will need to pre-purchase a plan through CEPL via email.
  • NOTE: The first release will allow you to send SMS messages or emails for unexplained absences. In the future, the ability to send SMS messages or emails for other purposes will be made available.

How will we pay for the SMS messages?

If you decide to use the SMS option, you will need to pre-purchase a plan through CEPL via email. Refer to our SMS Pricing/Terms & Conditions.

How do I access the manual?

Click on the following link: How to use Student Contacts