nRoll- Parent/Guardian Notifications

Keywords: SMS, email, phone call, notification, parent What methods can I use to notify parents of unexplained student absences? Parent notifications can be bulk sent through nRoll by Email or SMS. There will also be the option to mark the parents as notified if you choose to contact them via phone call. How much will […]

nRoll- Print school roll

Keywords: daily roll print, emergency print, roll print, daily print, teacher list Admin User Click on the emergency Print button. The school roll for the current day will be displayed in PDF format. You may choose to save the file or print it to a printer of your choice. Teacher User For a teacher to view […]

nRoll- Absence- Reason- Communication Type

Keywords: absence, reason, communication types, show, hide on reports To edit/ add/ show/ hide Absence- Reason- Communication Type [nRoll- Absence- Reason- Communication Type.pdf]  

nRoll- Yearly Average Attendance

Keywords: yearly, attendance, average Access Yearly Average Attendance Report: From the nRoll Setup drop down menu, click on Yearly Average Attendance. Choose the dates required to view and/or generate the report.  

nRoll- AGDoE Reports

Keywords: AGDoE, roll data, CECV Student Attendance Data Report Accessing AGDoE Reports [nRoll- AGDoE Reports.pdf]

nRoll- Non school day

Keywords: calendar, non-school day, school closure,  non school day Entering non-school day(s) in the calendar [nRoll- Non school day.pdf]

nRoll- Attendance Reports

Keywords: attendance history, individual student, summary, blank class list, unknown reasons, print A number of reports can be generated via the nRoll- Reports menu [nRoll- Attendance Reports.pdf]  

nRoll- create/edit a recurring absence for a student

Keywords: recurring absence, extended, ongoing Recurring absences will only appear on the daily roll page on the actual day of absence. Also, recurring absences CANNOT be generated for days in the past. [nRoll- create edit a recurring absence for a student.pdf]

nRoll- Enter/edit/delete incorrect absences

Keywords:  absence, delete, wrong, incorrect, weekly If an absence needs to be DELETED, use the Weekly view. [enter-edit-delete incorrect absences.pdf]

nRoll- Setup semester 2

Keywords: nRoll, term 3, roll over nRoll is automatically rolled over for semester 2 during the term 2 break. On day 1 of term 3, teachers will be able to login in and mark the roll.